Lamborhini Gallardo parts for sale

Lamborhini Gallardo parts for sale : Track rod ends, suspension arm control arm ball joints 004334555 400419811A


One (single) LAMBORGHINI Gallardo aftermarket replacement ball tie track rod end  004334555 400419811A fits either side at the front of the car.

Fits: Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 (2001), Diablo GT (1999), Diablo Roadster (1998), Diablo SE30 (1995), Diablo SV (1997), Diablo SV (1998), Diablo SV (1999), Diablo VT (1994), Gallardo (2004), Gallardo (2006), Gallardo (2008)c update, Gallardo LP560-4s FL II, Gallardo Spyder, Gallardo Spyder update, Gallardo Superleggera, Murcielago (2003), Murcielago LP640, Murcielago LP640 Roadster, Murcielago LP670, Murcielago Reventon, Murcielago Reventon Road., Murcielago Roadster


Aftermarket spares from my spares box, but brand new unused. Photo shows an original TRW part as factory fitted (TRW no longer make them) on the left and my replacement one on the right hand which fits perfectly and is the same dimensional spec. As a fellow Gallardo owner I understand any concerns you might have about my part not being TRW but it is made by "the" other leading supplier of suspension and steering parts and is Italian.

Of course the reason it is not made by Lamborghini is that Lamborghini never made the track rod ends. The "original" track rod ends are made by TRW, but as you may well know TRW no longer make them. Worse still as of October 2017 the factory had no stock of the "original" TRW items. So to be honest there aren't many options to get one of these if you need one - it's the old supply and demand scenario. BTW the part is not Audi as far as I know although I'm sure with enough searching you could find a cross reference. Until then I suppose owners worldwide have to pay the £178.54 + tax from Eurospares (if they have stock) or one from me whilst I have some left - I bought a job lot as I like spares :)

£69.99 each. Click to buy


Lamborghini Gallardo control arm suspension ball joint rebuild 400407151 UK EU

Rebuild service for early (03-05) Lamborghini Gallardo front control suspension arms

The main ball joint on lower arms on early cars are prone to wearing due to poor original manufacturing and materials quality. New arms from Lamborghini are approximately £1500

I am a UK based Lamborghini Gallardo owner and have rebuilt my own suspension arms following the work of a similar engineer enthusiast in the US. I can rebuild your arms if you send them to me (following a discussion about the work needed) - auction price is for the rebuild of one arm OR the work including removal, refitting and alignment can be carried out by Project-3 in Manchester UK subject to an extra charge (£450+VAT)

Rebuild service is all subject to the main ball joint being rebuild-able, which is not known until the arm is dismantled. Chances are it would be though as it tends to be the nylon bushing that wears/compresses. Even then if the ball was bad we could probably clean it up and compensate with new oversize bushing to make it nice and tight again. Worse case scenario is that it is not rebuild-able and your dismantled arm would be returned and you would have to source a new arm from Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Gallardo control arm suspension ball joint rebuild 400407151

Your arm must be the first edition type part number 400407151 with pressed in balljoint cap as shown below not the 400407151B which has a screwed in balljoint unit.

Lamborghini Gallardo control arm suspension ball joint rebuild 400407151

Lamborghini Gallardo control arm suspension ball joint rebuild 400407151

£549 per arm repair. Click to buy

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