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Lamborghini Gallardo Rear tail / stop light bulb replacement

Spent a fun two hours changing a stop light bulb yesterday, lol. Once I had done a little research and accepted it wasn't a 5 minute job I got stuck in, pictures match the sequence.

1) Remove honeycomb grill under the light (4 x 3mm allen head screws)
2) Remove 2 x M6 flange head bolts that hold the rear of the light in place (holes shown) nuts on the rear but you can get behind with a small M10 spanner/wrench
3) Jack and secure, then remove the wheel on the side you are working on  and remove the rear arch liner (2 x torx screws in to the chassis, 4 x selg tappers into the forward liner, 3 x torx self tappers into the rear PU/bumper and 2 small screws underneath the PU). Pull arch liner out and wash it down - why not.
4) With your head in the arch you can now see 2 x M6 bolts behind the light unit, remove with an M6 socket and long socket extension
5) Boom the light is out.

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